Because web3 communities belong onchain.

Explore everything you can do (and own) onchain with a group of people. Raise funds, organise members, and reward contributors in a fun and engaging way

— Build a collective identity for your group or community by performing actions from your shared onchain account, all from a single app.

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Build once, cultivate forever

Your memberships, reputations, treasury and permissions live onchain, which means you can take them across the interwebz!


Each Troops has a shared smart account that allows to perform onchain actions together: fund a treasury, collect NFTs, invest in shitcoins, share a social profile, play onchain games,... you name it!

Unlock the power of onchain for your community or group of friends!


Order in chaos


Getting onchain can be messy, but has a
lot of advantages. We got you!

No dev, no problem

No dev, no problem

Create your community's home easily with our no-code hub builder. Add chat, forum, events, polls, treasury management, and more!



What’s the TL;DR of what Troops is?

Troops is a mobile-first webapp to bring people together onchain. Troops enables communities to collectively own and customise their onchain home in a fun and collaborative way. All this by aggregating different protocols and primitives into a simple interface.

Behind Troops, is a what we call an open-source “Community Stack”. Its main component is an omnichain permissions protocol built on top of Safe.

Is Troops for me?

It probably is. You most likely have a group of (IRL or online) friends or community you talk about web3 with. It might be about investing, collecting NFTs, to play around with what it means to have digital ownership or just experimenting with this space.

It's time to get that group onchain to experiment with collective digital ownership. Troops will allow you to create your club/community/group's identity onchain, and start a journey of exploration of what you can do together, without being attached to a single platform. Ape into shitcoins together, save for a group vacation, collect NFTs from Zora or, post as a collective on Lens Protocol or raise funds for a cause you care about.

Troops is for everyone.

What kind of communities can use Troops?

Troops is for any community that can benefit from the idea of collective digital ownership, or shared digital resources. However, it is trusted circles who benefit the most. Some examples are:

  • Web3 IRL communities / Clubs
  • Web3 onboarding and education communities/clubs
  • NFT artist collectives and NFT onboarding communities
  • Groups of friends or even families
  • Subgroups inside NFT communities
  • Clubs and communities
  • ReFi Nodes
  • Niche communities (e.g. digital nomads, book clubs)

So, what am I able to do with Troops?

First, you will be able to setup a homepage for others to quickly understand what the community is about and the most relevant happenings. Then, aside from regular community dynamics like coordinating through discussions, polls, and events, you'll be able to do any available onchain action together with your Troop. You community's onchain identity will be defined by an ENS or Lens Profile that you attach to it, and/or by having different NFTs and tokens in your collaborative profile.

You will be able to assign different permissions to community members to perform different actions onchain. For example, you can decide to give only the OG members access to transferring assets out and posting on Lens, while allowing new members to mint only one NFT every day (e.g. on or Zora), and share it on Lens Protocol.

Soon we will also introduce reputation systems that can be attached to this activities, or that can be given manually to members. These can be points for members in the form of Community-bound tokens, or badges that prove a member's rank, attendance to an event, status in a different community, etc…

You can shape this the way you want for your community, and we will be constantly adding new actions that you'll be able to perform from your Troop.

How does Troops work? Is Troops decentralised?

When you launch a Troop, you deploy a Safe with our Permissions Module, which mints NFTs to members and enables you to assign granular and omnichain permissions. We're currently researching novel techniques to make our Permissions Module even more efficient!

Troops also use account abstraction techniques to enable a signless experience. In a nutshell, they're session keys that save you from having to sign every transaction, and pay for gas using the funds available in your Safe.

Communication features such as discussions and polls are currently hosted in our database, but we plan to soon migrate to a decentralised solution!

What is your product roadmap?

In Q3, we’re focusing on building our MVP. You can request early access, and if you answer our Community Pulse Check, you jump immediately to the top of the list.

If your community or brand is on Lens Protocol, you will be able to try our Permissions Protocol on Lens Clubs - where you will be able to allow more people to collaborate on your Lens Protocol profile, and give them very granular permissions related to it.

In Q4 we plan to experiment and integrate Reputation with badges along with our Community-bound tokens primitive, and build more features together with multiple partners to allow Troops to perform more and more actions onchain.

Here are some of our ideas. If you have more, reach out!

  • Post on your collective Lens Profile
  • Swap on Uniswap
  • Deploy your own lottery to raise funds for your troop
  • Share and collaborate on documents with Fileverse
  • Run a meme competition on Memester
  • Adopt a community onchain pet with Wild Friends
  • Mint NFT drops on
  • Mint on Zora
  • Draw in a shared board
  • ...and many more to come!

Which blockchains and apps does Troops work with?

We're deploying our MVP on Polygon, but due to the cross-chain nature of our tech we will be expanding to different chains very soon. Our core protocol is built on top of Safe, and we will be progressively adding different features and onchain actions from other apps like Uniswap, Lens Protocol, Fileverse, Zora,, and many more!